I wake up and have some coffee (because I like the taste) then get some water and take 2 capsules of Cerebra Ultra. Then I go about with showering, getting dressed and getting my list. The ride to work i’m starting to feel my brain working sublimely when I get there I’m ready for anything. I start with my emails so I am up to date on any and all of the changes or tasks I need to do. I start blocking out my time into 60 min intervals with 15 minute breaks and a block of time for lunch. I still feel energized and work is running smoothly. At about 3pm I take 2 more capsules of Cerebra Ultra to keep the creativity and productivity going. (You won’t feel a crash)
1-iO8vRTz-OiKi_29SMlbXQI take 2 more capsules because I have 2 more hours of work then the market then soccer practice, cooking dinner, kids homework then baths and bedtime. It helps me get thru all that craziness with graceful form and best of all I am “on point”. My job gets the best of me and so does my family. Sometimes a parent will have a day job then their real job starts when they get off their traditional job.
I invite you to try Cerebra Ultra if your days resemble the tasks I described to you. It is a wonderful routine with an energy and motivation, clarity and creativity I’ve never experienced in traditional supplements. It will not interact with medications and there are no adverse side effects. It’s completely safe and effective for people of all ages and circumstance. Get some for yourself you are worth it!