Spring has sprung and we are smack dab in the middle of allergy season. This time of year we tend to sneeze and have itchy eyes and our heads feel like a balloon.  We tend to take an allergy remedy that will give us temporary relief but leaves us foggy.  The reason we are feeling this foggy feeling is that the soft tissue in our heads is swollen and the allergy medication is just covering up the symptoms.  We may not be sneezing and itchy while we are on the antihistamine but we are holding back the flood gates of a full blown allergy attack.  it will hit you hard when your antihistamine wears off.

The same type of thing happens when you have a cold, “cytokines are there to help fight infection, and also have an impact on our ability to think, function and perform.  Sometimes we are already suffering with Brain Fog and then throw the allergies and colds in the mix, we are doomed. However there is a bright side if you are already suffering from Brain Fog you can take a natural supplement to bring you out of that and shed some clarity on your life. Then you can take an allergy medication that will give you long term relief that will not make you sleepy.  The good thing is that if you take the two together there are no side effects or adverse reactions.

The combination of suffering with allergies and trying to clear your head, we tackle what life has to offer and we still get brain fog.  Take a non drowsy allergy medication over the counter then take Cerebra ultra to give you the clarity you crave.