The everyday medications we take may be erasing our memory.  The medications that are prescribed for Pain, Anxiety and Anti Depressants are some of the worst for this issue.  These pharmaceuticals inhibit the transfer of short term memory to long term memory.  By blocking the action of Seratonin and norepinephrine these are the brain chemicals that are vital to the formation of neuropathways.  Some of these drugs have herbal counterparts, sometimes they are just as effective and definitely less harmful to your brain.  The memory and learning centers of the brain are the most vulnerable to adverse effects of prescription medications. Very little is known about about the extent of the problems that can harm the brain with these medications.  Each substance has it’s own specific harmful effect so please try to get all of the information available on each of the following types of drug’s.  Be proactive in protecting your brain from the brain erasing drugs.

Statins or Cholesterol lowering drugs, Benzodiazopines or Anti-Anxiety drugs, Anti-Seizure drugs, Anti-Depressant drugs, Narcotic and Opioid Painkillers, Blood Pressure medication-Beta Blockers, Sleep Aids, Incontinence Drugs, Antihistamines.

There are ailments that will require us to take some of these drugs because it is a part of aging.  We can however watch what it is we are consuming in the way of pharmaceuticals and choose to take the least harmful.   There are the herbal counterparts to each of these drugs and we can choose a diet that would require us to take small amounts.  We should we aware of the science behind what we take to conserve our memory it’s the story of your life.