Over the last 50 years we have gone from the dark ages socially to a technological takeover.  We used to be fine with a handshake or a hug upon meeting, to a swipe sideways to avoid meeting someone altogether.  We used to be excited to go out and spend most of our time craving being in a group.  We now are talking to people from our past as well as people that have similar interests across the pond.  Our stores went from being a mommy’s meeting place to online grocery shopping, chat rooms and message boards.  There is something to be said about the quality of an individual by their eye contact.  We look at pictures that are altered and airbrushed we don’t know what anyone really looks like.  Socially we are all mixed up and have been made that way by the social evolution of humanity.  Walk with me thru the Decades.

In 1960’s the way we were social is to ask a girl to a dance or to get a soda.  We would go to a spot that we knew all of the kids were hanging out and placed ourselves right in the middle.  We stayed until we got our fill of being around people.

In 1970’s the way we were social is to drive around to different places to see if we could meet new people.  Concerts and pool halls and even a diner. The best people would be at basically any place kids were dancing.

In the 1980’s the place we met people was arcade where there was Video games, at roller rinks and McDonalds was the new soda fountain. The Mall was also a big draw because everyone from different cities were there.  The obsession was to have your own phone line so you were not disrupting your family’s life.

1990’s This is when the Coffee shop replaced the diner or soda fountain. The coffee shop was where the smart cool people were and we wanted to definitely be a part of that.  Those were the days of the pager that was cutting edge and it allowed you to get in touch with people while they were out.

The 2000’s These were the days where the pager was out and the cell phone was in so we could stay in touch all the time.  We were social by meeting friends of friends and we were on the phone constantly.  The budding social media came about starting with myspace, then about 2006 Facebook blew up 2008 twitter and the piece de resistance TEXTING replaced talking.

2010’s  We are social in the present by using social media and internet dating apps and posting pictures on instagram.  We are social by not being social we choose what we want people to see and we make ourselves up.  We are trying to avoid awkward silences and feeling silly when you don’t like the person your trying to be social with.  In the quest for avoiding feeling silly and weeding thru the potential dates we have turned ourselves into hermits with a phone growing out of our hand.  When we are in front of other people we still don’t talk to the other person.  We stare at our phone as if we were waiting on something.

As the generations go on they will all become reclusive and as much as we think we are connected with everyone we are really alone.  If we keep going like this it may be detrimental to future families and marriage because it will become impossible to cohabitate with others and we will have no patience with humans because we have instant results from our devices.

If we use our brains and our old fashioned personalities we may live a richer more satisfying life.