Do you find yourself engaged in conversations that are going nowhere? Do you look for things in your home and can’t seem to find them? Do you enter a room and forget what your doing in there? You probably suffer from “brain drain.”
Brain drain is a slang term for a significant loss of short term memory, loss of clarity. Restlessness, impulsiveness, distraction and forgetfulness. We tend to suffer from this because we have busy lives and we burn the candle at both ends. We choose to spend our time unwisely. We watch too much television, we watch it even on our phones for Pete’s sake. Working long hours, Studying all hours of the night and not sleeping. These things will drain your brain just like a battery.
tumblr_inline_om7rmhas9O1sby7dl_540 There needs to be a point where you are noticing that you have the symtoms. We tend to take energy shots or drink a lot of Coffee to help us out. The real problem is not energy that will only keep you awake. What we need is to take something to boost our brain power instead of just trying to stay awake. Boosting your brain power in a safe and healthy manner is just the remedy for brain drain. An herbal brain Supplement will do the trick and you’ll start to feel energized and your memory recall will be better than ever. When you use this tip you will get more quality work done and you will feel a whole lot better. Cheers