If you’ve been around and are savvy where brain supplements are concerned then you know that Cerebra Ultra is different.  Cerebra Ultra has a secret weapon in it’s use of Pycnogenol which is used to help with circulation in the body.  So if you put two and two together you’ll understand that every other ingredient in Cerebra Ultra will be driven right to the part of the brain that gives it the maximum results.  There is a misconception about supplements altogether but I’ll tell you the secret. Most of what is contained in the leading supplement brands is lost in the stomach and metabolized out of the body.  You are not getting the best out of the supplement because only small amounts actually get to the part of the body it is supposed to help.

Cerebra Ultra wanted to be different by adding Pycnogenol which takes the nootropic compound on a ride on the superhighway otherwise known as the bloodstream, connecting the ingredients to the brain.  We are not just blowing smoke at you by saying “we’re the best” we want to let you know about the science and the experience of actual customers.



Cerebra Ultra itself has been tested using 6 adults with relative brain fog symptoms.  Lack of Clarity, Low motivation level, crashing around 4pm, low attention span and diminishing memory.  These adults were split into two groups 3 of them took Cerebra Ultra 2 capsules 2 times per day.  The other group was given coffee and energy drinks for when they needed it.

After two week time we tested the effects of the adults that took Cerebra Ultra in place of their original method and also the 2nd group that used coffee and energy drinks.  The findings were the adults that took Cerebra Ultra tested better on a battery test that tested memory and attention span and they far surpassed the coffee and energy drink group.  Cerebra Ultra not only was helping the groups throughout their days but giving them a more effective brain over time.

Check your facts when choosing a Brain Supplement you will find the answers on our website in the ingredients section as well as the how it works section.  We stand behind our evidence as well as our satisfied customers account of their experience using Cerebra Ultra.  Use a brain supplement that is tried and true.  Cheers to your good health.