What I mean by this is you go thru life thinking that you are pretty savvy when it comes to holding a conversation.  When a certain type of individual comes into the conversation that you are lost.  These people somehow know everything about everything and has a talent for debate. You are afraid to get into the conversation for fear of being made to look like a fool  Terrified that someone will ask you about a topic and expect that you have something to add but you don’t. We tend to hide and not draw attention to ourselves for ego protection.  This is the reason the “know it all’s”, of the world can talk about basically everything.

This is the secret: They are good listeners probably from a very young age.  Thinking outside the box and some research was how they did it.  The next time you are at a gathering of sorts listen very well and remember the topic and if you don’t know what it is about try uncle google.  Then you can read up on tons of different subjects.  The next time you are around some folks having a conversation you bring up the subject so you will be thought of as the smart deep one.   No more scary crippling conversations. Be brave and confident!