Depression is the dreaded “new kid on the block”, although he always lived around us he is now the popular one.  All metaphoric references aside there are a large bit of folks that don’t understand depression because they don’t suffer from it.  However it doesn’t mean that they have not witnessed depressions handywork on their family members and friends.  I think the biggest group of folks that suffer publically are celebrities.  They are in the public eye and have symptoms with names.  In fact the symptoms make us wonder why they drink or abuse drugs or even commit suicide.  Leaving behind fans and even family crushed by the effects of their depression.  The most shocking is when depression creeps up on a person and no-one knew the person was suffering because they were not vocal about the problem and then the effects materialize.

Fear is a huge reason why depression rings the doorbell. The sufferers life is not turning out the way they planned and that stab of depression comes right in.  Fear of losing a job, having no money, losing a significant other, success taking too long to come to fruition.  These are valid reasons for a fearful existence but do we really need to go so far as check out?  I just wonder how to be helpful if you don’t suffer from depression.  You can try to be positive but maybe it’s just annoying.

Feeling “out of control” Hence the reason people turn to drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity etc.  There has to be a way for them to feel calmed and maybe the feeling of flying is a temporary remedy.  Scary to think that this is the only way to feel better and at the same time helping nothing at all.  You wake up with guilt, shame and maybe more in debt or in trouble.

Depression/ Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression/ Abuse/ Anxiety Disorders.  These are all valid and very serious problems with real remedies. Whether counseling, medication, rehabilitation or otherwise.  These disorders and the symptoms that are attached are real and need to be taken seriously and carefully.  Listen even if you don’t want to because it one day could be you.