First when you wake up you brush you’re teeth and drink water get those tennis shoes out and take a little walk.  During your walk pop a piece of Mint gum and chew it.  The mint in the chewing gum stimulates your nerve fibers and will help to clear your head with vigor.

Next in line take a cool shower with an energizing body wash now this is the way to get your blood flowing.  As the cool water hits your skin you’ll get goose bumps it will stimulate your whole system and feels great.

Another way to get a real boost is to put some music on to pump you up.  The kind of music you would listen to during a workout because those tend to make you want to belt out the song.  Dance around a little bit that’s always fun and will make you feel awesome.

Get a good eight hours of sleep.  No matter what your age or circumstance you need to get a good night sleep to tackle all of life’s obstacles.  Get some ZZZZZ’s

The last but not least thing to do to get you’re boost in the morning is to take a brain supplement.  I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I don’t mean an “energy supplement” because they are very different.  A brain supplement gives you clarity of mind and helps you get into your zone.  It will give you the feeling of motivation and focus not the feeling of being energized really fast then a crash later.  With specific brain supplements there is a vitamin b12 plus nootropics that help with the very cognitive functions I’ve described.

Give these tips a shot and watch your morning transform from jittery to a great all around clearer more focused experience.