Did you ever think “I don’t have enough time to work out” or “I don’t have time to count calories” or “I can’t find the time to go to the Doctor”??? Ok at some point or another we all say those things. We worry about the wrong things. We give our time to the wrong things, and too much time for that matter. So where do we stop to regroup? What will it take for us to say I need change to happen right now? Usually this magically happens with a life event whether good or bad. We look at things differently and come out of our “LIFE FOG”. Life fog is the monotony that we call our daily routine. When a wrench is thrown in it we have a chance to see our lives for what it is. We then make decisions to change things. A man that I am acquainted with died last year from Colon Cancer he was only 44 years old. That was a real shocker, it couldn’t be true how could it be true? I had to step back from my own life to say “I need to get checked for everything. I needed to make sure I was healthy so I didn’t suddenly get Earth shattering news. This gentleman was a marathon runner, the epitome of Health. He told me he had Cancer in late September and by December 31st he had passed away. He left behind a beautiful fiance and a 13 year old son. This is what I mean by a life event. This is what it takes for someone to say “I need to make a change”.
1-Cusz_C-oRco6Bqs5E3rAPAWhen I look back on my own life I realize that I have done the very same thing with my weight. I am pretty small but I do fluctuate between 15 pounds. When I start to see the fluff around my waist and my clothes are tight I freak. My daughter is getting married (another life event)I stood back again to say “I need to look great for her wedding”. That is not as dramatic as my friends death of course but it is enough to make me change. I have tried each day to watch what I eat and walk a bit more than usual see my Doctor regularly and live in the moment. We are not promised a tomorrow we have right now to make time to be healthy. Look at yourself without a serious life event and make any necessary changes you need to make in your life. Add a brain supplement to your diet to get you out of the “Life Fog” more often as well . You will have a clearer perspective on everything around you.