We almost never wonder when we’re eating whether or not it will hurt or help us.  We do it with chocolate cake and fried foods we automatically say to ourselves “I know I shouldn’t eat this”.  We wish we had no conscience where food is concerned, but we do.  We eat things that we know are going to make us fat or give us high Cholesterol etc.  I don’t understand the reason for this, I think it may be because we don’t take tomorrow into consideration.  When we eat things that are good for us there is a sense of safety. However the safety doesn’t give us satisfaction like chocolate cake would.  We have to start choosing foods that will satisfy us and good for us.

Speaking of “Good for us” there are several foods that are not only good for you and satisfying, but will help with your brain health and boost your cognitive ability as well.  It’s always helpful to know what to eat to keep yourself healthy.


One of the best things to eat for your Brain and your Heart it is full of antioxidants, B12, protein, fiber and A vitamins.  There is a great benefit to walnuts it’s a memory booster and it counteracts bad cholesterol.  This is satisfying and health win win.

Dark Chocolate

Ok this seems too good to be true but it really helps with the symptoms of brain fog, mood, lowers blood pressure, anti inflammatory and that’s all good for you. Flavonoids in Dark Chocolate help with oxygen rich blood flow.  Dark Chocolate helps to alleviate depressive symptoms.


We always throw in Salmon as a superfish because it has DHA & Omega 3’s. It is by far one of the very best foods for your brain, skin and serves as a natural anti inflammatory.  Salmon is basically a winter coat for your neurons making up the majority of their cell membrane. If the cells outer layer is not covered you will starve your cells of DHA.


Avocado’s improve blood supply and oxygenation to your brain.  Also avocado’s help to reduce the risk of stroke in patients with high blood pressure. Great for the brain and great with tortilla chips.


Blueberry has a magical power to help maintain proper brain function.  The antioxidants in Blueberries accumulate in the areas of the brain that are essential for intelligence. So that should be the key ingredient in your smoothie.

Dark, Leafy Greens  

The Lutein in Spinach and Kale is a protein that supports brain function and accelerates memory.  Dark, Leafy greens are full of Vitamin K which helps with natural blood thinning and wards off inflammation.  Sprinkle some spinach and kale into your spring salad mixes.

Olive Oil

Monounsaturated fats found in Olive oil increase the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, the brain chemical responsible for memory and learning. Use Olive oil instead of Butter or corn oil it will lower cholesterol by giving you good fats and make for “clean eating” habits.

Egg Yolks

We really don’t think of and egg yolk as a good food choice. We see everyone throwing out the yolk to use the white part of the egg for protein.  There is Choline in egg yolks which helps with fetal brain development in unborn babies.  The benefit to an adult is that it breaks down bethane a chemical that produces hormone related to happiness. Stop throwing away the yolk, it’s ok to use the whole egg.