Each day we have issues with remembering such small things that should be easy to remember but we don’t.  We can be asked something simple as the name of a movie and we will search our memory for the answer and it isn’t there. A common statement is “it’s right on the tip of my tongue” but it still escapes us.  Then later we rack our brains for something similar to remind us of it.  We possibly google it and when the answer presents itself we beat ourselves up because it was so easy.  Why is this???  Let me enlighten you, we have so much more useless information in our heads then ever before.  It’s as simple as that.


We have technology to tell us everything.  In my personal opinion I think that we all think our children are super genius’ because they say the darndest things.  Our children are exposed to a plethora of information by the day and even by the hour.  We are also exposing them to different perspectives that we as children we ignorant of.  We as children had to seek encyclopedias and libraries to be enlightened.  There are points of view that our children have because of technology that clearly make us cringe.

Here’s a story for you….My nephew has the most beautiful head of wavy blonde hair but he decided to keep a longer style.  The children in his 6th grade class asked him if he was transgender.  There would be no way that this question would be asked of children of the age of 12 had the media not put the thought into their heads.  Back in the old days the long hair would have been a sign of rebellion or perhaps just the style of the times.

We sometimes forget what things were like before technology.  By learning so much about the world so soon our children lose a bit of their innocence. Our children appear to be smarter than they are by knowing small facts.  Shielding the children a bit more from such a wide range of facts will perhaps keep their childhood intact for a longer duration.

I have 4 children they grew up in the 90’s and graduated from high school in the 2000’s and their experiences involved the evolution of technology and social media.  This generation which are affectionately called “Millennials”, are the “bridge generation” in my opinion and learned rather quickly how to assimilate.  However the generation after it will be the most educated and most worldly of all of generations past.  Their world without smart phones and Facebook was never reality.  This next generation will know little of libraries and encyclopedias and would read a book but off of a tablet or phone screen rather than handle a physical dusty old book.  My thoughts are that they will all write in a sort of code or shorthand involving emojis and there will be no face to face communication.

In closing let me add that we  used to be able to remember lots of things.  80 phone numbers for example and passages in books easily etc. As for now and in the future the smartphone in the individuals hand will have to be the aide to remember almost all things.  But if a device is remembering everything for you whatever will we need our brains for?  Let’s remember not to lose our minds.