Shakespeare’s Helena says “Love looks not with it’s eyes but, with the mind” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

I have to say that this is true of all that fall in love.  It has an effect on the brain that is quite remarkable.  Scientist have searched for the way that Love affects the brain for years and it comes down to chemicals + Hormones =A euphoric feeling.  Blood flows to the brain and taps into the feelings of obsession, attraction, Lust, attachment and pleasure.  Dopamine is the chemical that is released and it works on the “Feel Good” parts of the brain as well as its reward system.  There are 3 stages that take place when the brain is affected by Love;

LUST- We all know this one it’s by far the most common because it can be felt quite often and it is basically turned on and off. This is when intense desire, racing hearts, sweaty palms, inability to articulate, clumsiness.  Adrenaline and Norepinephrine.  However if the Lust is taken further it creates attraction.

ATTRACTION- This is the warm fuzzy feeling you feel when you see the object of your affection.  The very sight of the person makes you want to be near. Similar to the beginning stages of addiction, the feelings of never getting enough.  The fixation on the other making you have the symptoms of OCD.  The way you dress and smell and punctuality you are your best self.  The ordinarily annoying things seem cute to you and they have no flaws.  “LOVE IS BLIND” We know that saying well this is where it rings true.

ATTACHMENT- This is the phenomena of body chemistry mixing and giving a feeling of safety and familiarity a feeling of being at home.  Oxytocin is released that gives the feelings of home.  This is the time when Love really blossoms to where the person starts to feel the need to cohabitate or at least make it a long connection.

Loves effect on the brain is miraculous.  It has been said that “you can’t control who you fall in love with.”  Some may beg to differ but some swear by it.  There is no mistaking it’s effect on you physically, your out of control sometimes and it’s awesome.  There is no way to know its coming and you can’t hide from it.  Our brains treat love similarly than it does a drug addiction in the way that you can’t get enough and that you go back again and again.  I wish love for every human out there, remember to be in the moment when its happening and cherish those moments you have. Cheers