As we age our heart and brain health becomes more important to us.  We are more aware of how much we exercise and the quality of food we eat. We try to see our Doctor more often to make sure we are on track.   We are told that the better your heart and brain health is, the better they both work.  According to the American Heart Association  these bullet points are important factors of the heart and the brain.

  • Achieving the criteria that defines a healthy heart may translate to healthier brain function as people age.
  • More ideal cardiovascular health measures meant less decline in brain processing speed and, to some extent, thinking ability and memory.

A 6 year study of different Aging adults was done to test the brain function over time.  The 1st year there was not a huge change but a change indeed.  As the years went on these same set of folks were getting  better brain function and speed of learning and clarity.  The same types of folks were tested on their pulmonary health over time and with the right foods and exercise they had stronger hearts and lowered their cholesterol at the same time reducing heart attacks.

 There is a lot to learn where the brain and heart are concerned but to keep your brain working its best take a supplement for the brain called a Nootropic.  This is a natural compound that helps with enhancing your cognitive ability. It will also give you clarity and better memory recall, that’s always helpful.   Where your Heart is concerned, many herbs and supplements can help prevent heart disease and reduce symptoms by lowering blood pressure, improving breathing, and clearing arteries.  Statistics show that when you take care of both the brain and the heart you can be certain of their ability to work in harmony.

Best of Luck