There are millions of articles and quick fix examples I could give you to help you give your brain some help but will they give you a “Competitive Edge?”  I wouldn’t waste your time with all of the things we already know like eating Salmon and nuts or something.  I want to give you real tangible results where you are seeing your brain work for you.  I wonder if you have ever heard of “Nootropics?”  Nootropics are chemicals or herbs that basically enhance your brain function.  The chemical version is mostly given as a prescription from your Doctor for symptoms like Lack of focus.  We also see the chemical version (Adderall, Ritalin) sold on the street or on College campus’ to help Students pass classes or cram for exams. These Nootropic drugs are referred to as “Study Drugs”. The latter is a very dangerous way to take Nootropics due to the habit forming aspect, but it is a reality.  Now the Herbal version of Nootropics are safe and surprisingly effective with the right blend of Nootropic Stack.  A Nootropic stack is just a blend of several types of herbs that make the Nootropic compound stronger and more effective as a blend.  Herbs like Vinpocetine, Guarana, L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa, Pycnogenol just to name a few are great ones to look out for.  The Nootropic stack in an herbal Nootropic will give you similar results as it’s chemical counterpart. However, the herbal version will continue to make your brain more useful and Improve your brain over time.  This differs from the Nootropic Drugs on the market they are habit forming and it works on your serotonin similar to the drug ecstasy.  The crash is something awful and difficult to kick.  Now that you know all about Nootropics let’s get down to Business.

The way to give your brain a “Competitive Edge” is a collaboration of things.

      Diet– No tropical oils, eat nuts & legumes, Skinless poultry & fish, low fat dairy products, whole grains






Exercise– Yoga, Walking, Running, Taking the steps


Herbal Supplement– Herbal Nootropic 2 times a day





Brain Games– sudoku, puzzles and reading


Simple changes in your diet and lifestyle will allow for your brain to not only be nourished by great clean food but also fed with stacked nootropics. Nutrition that forges your brain forward and electrifying your neurons to give you better focus and brain power. Then the exercise is going to add to your new found vigor the brain games are like exercise and all of these factors will give your brain the “Competitive Edge” we all require to get the most out of our careers and our life altogether.