Imagine one day without your smartphone. We used to be able to remember phone numbers off the top of our heads and now we look at our phone for not only the number, but it dials it for us. To make things worse we don’t even write down peoples phone numbers we type it into our smartphones. Then to give them our number we call them. We have become crippled by the very devices that are supposed to make things better and more efficient. Now lets talk about spelling we type in some gobely goop text and the smartphone corrects it so we don’t look like uneducated neanderthals. So having said that what would your day be like without the devices we rely on? I’ll tell you we wouldn’t remember phone numbers to call anyone, we wouldn’t check our email or buy anything. We wouldn’t look up every single thing people tell us and that we don’t understand. The almighty Wikipedia and Master Google have all the answers and we wouldn’t be able to ask stupid questions to it. We would be in the corner rocking back and forth with our thumb in our mouth waiting for tomorrow.
1-UX_RUOw066bW5RLYgjVaOg.The next day we would greet our phone as if it were a long lost friend that just came back from a long trip. Crying tears of joy and hugging it. Ok you get the idea. We have to stop being so reliant on the smartphone because if we lost it or it was stolen we would go nuts. You know as well as I do that replacing the info is almost impossible. I suggest going back to the basics because God forbid the ATT or Verizon tower crashes, we would be lost. Memorize some phone numbers and try having some conversations without looking up everything someone says. Walk away from the smartphone that ironically makes us dumber for just a few hours a day. And….For God’s sake stop using it when you are eating lunch or dinner with someone. There is a thing called talking, etiquette would tell us that we are being rude if we don’t put it down.