Def- The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is composed of right and left hemispheres. It performs higher functions like interpreting touch, vision and hearing, as well as speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of movement. The cerebellum is located under the cerebrum.

The Left Hemisphere-  The Analytical and Logical side which is where we get our reasoning and our intellect for higher learning.

The Right Hemisphere-   The Creative Side which we get our Artistic talents.

People use both sides of their brains but use one side dominantly and this shapes their personalities and that’s what makes us all different.  They say that right handed people are ruled by the left side of the brain and left handed people are ruled by the right side of the brain.  The joke is that the only people that are in their right mind are lefties.  Funny maybe but I guess only predominantly right brained folks would get it.

The Analytical Left side of the brain is the side that helps us with our everyday tasks of being in control of oneself and reasoning for decision making and such.  The sciences and mathematics are definitely the work of the left it takes reasoning and logic to get thru the experience itself.  More folks than not are ruled by the left I believe, and would have to be to complete certain technical or Medical jobs.

The Creative Right side of the brain is the side that allows us to dream and love.  To write from the heart and to see people and places and recreate them with brush strokes and shading.  There are folks we believe to be left brain oriented and marvel us with their artistic acumen.  There are also some that we think are predominantly right brained and they thrill us with picking apart a piece of technical jargon.  It is quite beautiful they way the two hemispheres mix and blend to make us who we are.

The beauty of the different parts of all of us really just means that we may use both sides equally.  Some traits manifest themselves more fully to make it seem that one is more dominant.  I have a theory about Actors and Architects and it’s this.

Actors are looked at as a brainless person that just looks great and wants to be seen on camera.  This may be true of someone trying to be an actor however the true actors out there have to delve deep into the human condition and it’s behaviorisms.  They say there are people that are “A natural”.  I don’t think so, because you can BS your way thru some small things and you may have natural presence but are you directable or moldable.  The misconception is that you read the lines and that’s it but if you are properly trained you know how to be moldable and that takes talent and brainpower and education.  Which uses the left side as well as the creative right side.

The other is that an Architect is just a draftsman and not an artist.  I think that the architect is a visionary first, then an artist then technical.  This is why, An architect has to see into their mind if something could be made.  Then the artistic side kicks in to put their vision on paper to see and shape the dream.  The technical side comes thru to measure and put together a blueprint that can be followed.  Altogether both sides of the brain hemispheres are dominant and with that a dream turns to reality.

 The understanding of having both sides working for us we must feed our brains to get them to work as hard as they can for us.