Keeping yourself Consistent keeping your New Years Resolution 7 reasons we give up and 7 Remedies.

  1. We see just the slightest bit of results. (We trick our brains into thinking we have reached our goal)
  2. We are not making time for ourselves. (We give up because we aren’t seeing any results)
  3. We don’t want to do it alone
  4. We make unrealistic resolutions that are unattainable
  5. We make too many resolutions and feel like a failure because they can’t do everything
  6. There is a lack of good planning (trying to fly by the seat of their pants.)
  7. We are not committed to the resolution

1-RKUY1AJ_kfMX_tbYYV44dA How to remedy these problems

  1. When you see results you have to keep going this means you are doing something right and success is in your near future. If you give up now you’ll have to start over again to get where you are now.
  2. Just because we haven’t seen a big result yet doesn’t mean that there won’t be any results this is where you change the plan a bit to see results but don’t stop trying.
  3. It is better to start a resolution with another person to keep you honest and accountable. If there is someone else to lean on the results come faster and you have someone to celebrate with.
  4. If you make unrealistic resolutions like get a new relationship that may not be something that can be done. If you can’t do what your resolution entails then it tends to lower your self esteem.
  5. Too many resolutions may not leave time for you to live your life I suggest 2 good realistic resolutions and some consistency and you are all set.
  6. Have a plan, if you want to lose weight pick a diet that’s right for you and begin a regiment of getting active and stick with it. Planning a diet menu is half the battle the rest is self discipline.
  7. If you make a resolution for the year it’s because you have taken the time to analyse yourself and your life and made a decision to change some things. So be true to yourself and go thru rather than avoid situations and work thru it and you will feel great at the end commit to it and make it happen.

Best of Luck with your New Years Resolutions use your head go for it and make it stick.