So where do we find “Brain Power”? Where is the key to memory improvement and clarity and motivation?  We as a society are different than we were 20 years ago.  Never in the History of humanity has the human brain been asked to track so many data points.  We have evolved thru the last two decades with Computers, laptops, cell phones and basically everything going digital & paperless. With new technologies, new devices, multitasking is becoming the norm for overworked Executives, Managers and hourly workers in organization across the world. These experiences have become an epidemic. This epidemic has caused a rapidly growing segment of the adult population to develop a new related condition called Attention Deficit Trait or (ADT).  We all know the term ADD or ADHD which deals with our attention span and focus.  (ADT) is different, rather than rooted in genetics it is caused by our hyper-kinetic environment.  For example we have to remember more data than in years past, and we are relying on technology to get us “Up to speed” and organized, in turn supposedly making us more productive. We are developing ADT as a result of all of the things we do to make our lives easier. The cost is very high, we are paying with our brain health.  Years ago we wrote everything down and could easily remember 25-30 phone numbers and we carried address books that we had to flip thru to get the info we were looking for.  We used a Rolodex to find information and used a library instead of accessing everything from a digital device.  Our jobs are harder and we are expected to perform more duties in a short period of time.  I don’t care how old you are this is stressful.

These different working environments and circumstances make for short term memory loss and low motivation for other things.  Where can we “trim the fat” so to speak?  We have to roll with all the new changes in technology especially where our jobs are concerned.

My own personal experience; At a previous company we were putting our clients deals together on forms.  One day the Supervisor comes in and tells us that we are implementing a online form instead of the forms we were custom to using. Needless to say half of the floor freaked out because we were just getting used to one way and then we had basically 8 hours to change everything we knew.  We now had to try to sell and learn a new piece of software and try to do it correctly.  People were calling out and getting sick and basically it was a mess.  We then figured out that every 4-6 months the company was going to throw us this kind of curveball.  What the heck do we do?  How were we supposed to know when or how to roll with these changes.  There was no way to be certain that tomorrow we would be doing things the same or with the same tools.  This of course is the case with 60% of companies these days except now there are different programs and different devices to master.  We have our phone in our hands every second of every day so we look at work e-mails on our off time which we think is making us more efficient but in actuality it is not allowing us to rest as we did in the past.

We are immersed in our jobs and our social lives whether it physically or on Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Years ago we were surrounded by just a few folks now we talk to friends from all over the world. We are able to keep up with our favorite celebrities and see what politicians are saying and doing in real time.  News is in our faces every single second we can see all of the world in an instant with just a 3 x 6 inch screen.


We are overloaded!!!!  Technological devices, programs, apps and email. These were all introduced to help us do things easier or help us get organized. We have to take charge and remember we are only human. Our managers, our children and our social media are looking at us all the time from sun up to sundown.  How do we take care of our families, be good at our jobs, be up on all the new technology with a strong well being and mental health?  Our brains health is at stake here.  (ADT) Attention Deficit Trait is something to really look at, we are all getting this and it’s because of our crazy work schedules and all of the new things crossing our lives thru our jobs and families, tv etc.  It’s almost funny to think about, we are trying to make things easier on ourselves but in actuality we are hindering our brains in the process.  It’s like a traffic jam in our heads we are constantly trying to find another route to take to get out.  So we are overloaded and are in search of Brain power the holy grail of “holding it all together without a meltdown”.

Hurry hurry hurry, it’s got to be done in 20 min….sound familiar?   Hurry hurry hurry Your daughter gotta be at ballet in 30 min.  Hurry hurry hurry the kids are hungry.  You get it, You get irritable and you feel crazy then traffic hits and someone is driving and texting, kids yelling in the back seat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!! Ok now try to be nice and cheery when you get home and everything else that comes with home life.  We are not robots but as the years go on and the things that are expected of us get more heavy we are going to explode in a frenzy of overloadedness.  Yes this is a made up term but it should be in an urban dictionary because it is relevant.  Find a way to get yourself on track where you are calm and sharp with a motivation that gets you sailing thru your tasks.  There just has to be a way to take charge and find the brain power that get’s us thru our overwhelming days.  So, what if we had a key to making ourselves more efficient inside ourselves.  Not just medically speaking but personally too.  We could take good care of ourselves by taking a supplement that helps our brains natural power enhance to give us an edge and feel better at the same time?  Cerebra Ultra for your overloaded brain try try try, it can be the key to your brain power issue.

Cheers to your good health!