I listened to a woman tell a story about her experience at work. She goes on to say that she has held a position there for 5 years and she thought she knew how the whole place worked. She was called into the Supervisors office only to be asked to move up to a managerial position. She was very excited about the increase in pay and the perks that went with the promotion. However the job that she felt she knew inside and out turned into a job she knew nothing about. So the 5 years she spent learning her part in the company was just that just a part. She became nervous that she wasn’t going to do well in the new position because she was unfamiliar with the extra duties. She said at that point she had an epiphany that she was nervous because she cared alot and she was going to use this opportunity to learn more and to be challenged by the experience. She took small steps to learn the new things and how to delegate responsibilities in order to get the best out of her position. As she delegated the responsibilities she was able to learn each part separately and in essence learned how it needed to be done correctly to get the best results. After about a month of training herself in the new position she was able to feel confident that she was going to do better than she ever thought she would. She went slow, learned what every individual’s job was and how they did it. She made sure she knew how the metaphorical “Machine” worked and then took the reins.

1-5-Y4j1qzbyWgu_bAljnrrQMoral of the story is that it’s perfectly ok to be scared or have anxiety about starting something new it simply means you care. The start of a new job or a move is going to be scary because you don’t know your way around yet. The best thing to do is go slow and enjoy it make it your own and bring to it the best parts of you. You’ll be fine smile and give them the best you’ve got. Best of luck