Do you feed your brain on a regular basis? Have you ever thought of taking something be it drug or supplement? I think we all have but here’s the difference between the 2 options.
The prescription is a quick fix and wears off then in order to get back to that state you need to take more. This becomes habit forming and not healthy for the long term user.
Now the supplement idea helps your brain get better as you continue to take it because the vitamins and minerals are essentially feeding your brain and its good for you like a morning multivitamin. You also get the fantastic results that you would get from the prescription, without the addiction factor.
So when I say feed your brain I mean take a supplement that will enhance what’s already there. A supplement that helps the brain become more creative more useful clearer and sharper with motivation.
tumblr_inline_om3f8hLq3j1sby7dl_400We tend to lose those things as we get older which is why we go for the prescription or supplement in the first place. I suggest checking them out first of course and consult your Doctor if you have other health problems. Otherwise enjoy life with new eyes and sharper conscientiousness.