The power of influence on the brain is much more intense than we may think.  Our brains are are wired to listen to a story rather than to listen to facts and figures.  When a doctor steps up to tell you the way a disease works or disorder will affect you, a part of us disconnects.  This is due to the fact that we cannot connect with the doctors terminology it’s not in layman’s terms.  However, when we hear a story from a friend or from someone suffering from or has seen the effects of the same disease we connect automatically.  This happens because we see the effects on a person’s emotions and we can relate to what they may be feeling.

In years past we may have listened to our college professor and heard the technicals of a scientific experiment and didn’t truly understand.   We could maybe answer questions about it for a test but did we really understand how it worked?  The answer is 10 percent really do and the other 90 are technically blind to it.  However, when you see the experiment done in front of you or attempt it on your own then you get it.  The hands on effects of seeing, touching and feeling the experiment is how we understand fully. The brain is a very complex organ but there is something to be said about our brain be influenced by seeing hearing, feeling, touching and the magic of a story.