Trauma and stress can be responsible for lasting changes on the brain.  Trauma is linked to increased amounts of cortisol responses to subsequent stressors.  Trauma on the brain will affect sleep patterns and this in turn affects energy levels and creates brain fog.  Sometimes if you tend to be very busy when you slow down to rest you get sick because your brain is so used to running on empty the moment you stop you go down hard.

Regarding stress like a hurricane for example, there has been lots of damage and has upset the lives of people of the Caribbean and Florida some of the states on the Gulf coast as well as the Eastern seaboard.  This time of year these folks are hit with stress that can ultimately upset their whole lives.  The uncertainty of what the storms can do to their homes and what the insurances will cover.  Premiums for insurance going up by no fault of the home and car owners.   This can make for a very unsure individual and put undue stress on the brain. This sort of stress can put whole families thru hell.

PTSD is very common to have after you experience brain or life trauma.  Worry and paranoia also goes hand in hand.  You are worrying about pain returning or what would happen to your loved ones if you can’t do what needs to be done to maintain the family household.  Depression will set in if the situation feels out of reach for success.



Guilt is an insidious force that is a factor of an individual feeling out of their element. It takes it’s toll and rides away leaving a war torn person in it’s wake.


The symptoms of stress on the brain can be remedied by the strong willed.  The survivors that can see it as it is in play and take action against it’s effects.  The first step is recognizing the changes in the mind body and emotions, then nipping them in the bud.  Make choices to take each step and go thru rather than avoid what’s happening.

  1. Take time to breathe
  2. Sort thru the damage
  3. Each thing that needs to be done and examine it then tackle it.
  4. Access what needs to happen to make things right.
  5. Settle up any debts even if payments needed to be made.
  6. Talk to people about the feelings you’re having and move forward.

Taking these steps in stride and doing it with bravery and confidence will help you not only sort thru the rubble that stress and trauma has set upon you but also help you be a stronger human being.

Cheers and take beautiful care of your brains