Wouldn’t your career be going better if you could actually concentrate? Mine would. Imagine it: a workday without distraction, where the mere concept of rest was for the weak and unmotivated, your mind was razor-sharp until you decided you were finished with it until the morning. It was the thought of many people that focus drugs were needed to get thru challenging work days.  That our real brains couldn’t perform at the level that was required to do the work on it’s own.  There are so many things out there that you can take to give you energy but it doesn’t help with brain function.

Study buddies, study drugs or, to be more accurate, prescription drugs not being used for their intended purposes—have been around for a while. This situation takes us to the doctor’s office to get a prescription to help us focus and have to tell the doctor that you have Adult ADD to obtain it.  That should be your first NoNo telling your Doctor lies to get the drugs in the first place. This is a horrible way to feel better and it only lasts as long as your prescription lasts. So then you go back to the Doctor only to find out that you are addicted to the stuff.  It’s a shame that we don’t trust our brains (as they are) to give us real amazing results.

There is a whole new way to look at this issue.  Those of us that want those amazing results but don’t want to wrestle with a Doctor and his prescription pad.  We go toward the natural alternatives. There are some really great Nootropic compounds out there that have no chemicals.  These limitless pills are not habit forming and there is no embarrassment attached when you obtain more.

These limitless pills are vegan and vegetarian friendly using Ginko Biloba, Vinpocetine, Pycnogenol just to name a few.  When you put these ingredients together you get “Stacked Nootropics” Which basically means that you blend them together to get the best proprietary blend.  In essence giving you the results you would have otherwise found in the study drugs.  These are also safe and will not give you headaches and sleeplessness.  As with anything you take you have to be responsible on how you take even natural nootropics.  They will give you similar results as the prescription so there is a tendency to use it not for it’s intended purpose.  There is a website for Cerebra Ultra the page will not only tell you the science behind the nootropic stack but the way it works with your body to make for amazing results.