Dr.Edward Hallowell (Psychiatrist) has uncovered a newly neurological phenomenon He calls ADT or Attention Deficit Trait.  It isn’t an illness; it’s purely a response to the hyperkinetic environment in which we live. The similar disorders are ADD and ADHD which we have been educated about for years. Since the early 1990’s we have seen 4 out of every 10 children diagnosed with this and medicated with Ritalin. 40 years ago we would have looked at these children as slow or perhaps discipline cases.  We now know that those are normal children with a focus disorder and it does bleed into adulthood but these are genetic cases.  ADT on the other hand is brought on by the changing world it’s a malady developed in us because our brains are not used to processing so much information in so many ways, requiring more focus and more time so it causes the overload. There is a running joke that people say that “I am so overloaded I’m going to explode” This is ADT.   

 Our lives are filled with distraction, high pressure, multitasking and ever changing technology.  The sufferers of ADT find it difficult to prioritize, stay organized and manage their time.  They feel like there is just too much to do.

This leads to decreased productivity and is a cause of stress and anxiety sometimes requiring medication.  These folks have problems sleeping because they “can’t shut their brains off” especially at night and throughout the day are distracted trying to solve a multitude of problems that confront them day and night.

  One of the worst side effects is irritability which makes the sufferers treat others badly or turn their torture inward, blaming the problem on not being smart enough or not being able to handle the workload or tasks of everyday life.  

So where do we go from here?  There are a few things you can do to remedy the situation you now know you are not crazy or dumb or whatever you thought about yourself having these symptoms.  

  1. Take a trip to the Doctor, describe your symptoms to see if there is anything medically wrong. Get that out of the way first so you eliminate any medical issues.  I am of course not a Doctor and can only share my opinions and share helpful advice.
  2. Take a Brain Supplement that is natural and that gives you safe and effective results.  A natural supplement can not only aide in your symptoms but also because it’s vitamins it will make your brain better over time. Vitamins and minerals feed your brain so you can be assured of excellent brain health. Give your brain a boost.
  3. Take a few minutes to decompress, turn off your devices and take a few minutes to get some air. This can be done by even the busiest of people.  I like to say “if you have time to use the lavatory, you have time to decompress”
  4. Make lists, The night before a really busy day, leave a note pad or piece of paper out on your counter or dinner table and as you pass it write down things as they enter your mind.  When you start your day you will find that things you never meant to put off get done.  Boy does that feel good.

Cheers to your good health