Just so we understand each other we are talking about brain supplements.  There are so many out there and they all claim to give you more energy, clarity etc.  The truth is they all have a type of Nootropic in the ingredients but which ones and how much?  There has to be alot of research done on the way the nootropics work alone and then how they are amplified by the amount. They have to see which Nootropic compounds work with other nootropics to make the best proprietary blend to give you the results they are claiming to.  Then there is the taurine and derivatives of caffeine that they put in the mix to give you a boost which will (as we all know) make you crash.  So this is what happens in a nutshell.   They take some reputable nootropics and put in trace amounts so they can put it on the label.  The next step is adding massive amounts of the caffeine, package it up and selling it.  When you (the consumer) takes it you will feel great because you get a boost of the caffeine.  Then what do you know, 2 hours later your reaching for coffee to keep you from crashing.  This is what the majority of brain supplements are doing these days.  The description on the label is to give you a boost, but a brain boost not an energy boost.

On a reputable companies bottle you will see B12, Vinpocetine, Bacopa etc these are legitimate nootropic compounds and have to be weighed out to see if they work together.  The nootropic compound will work for you if you consistently take it just as you would a vitamin.  So now I’m going to tell you why Cerebra Ultra Brain Supplement is different from all of those other guys.  We put in a powerful nootropic blend that is the right amount to give your brain that clear feeling.  Cerebra Ultra makes you feel like your “in the zone” and “where did the time go” you got so much done.

The secret is in the Pycnogenol. You may have never heard of Pycnogenol (pic-noj-en-all) but let me enlighten you.  It is a French Maritime Pine Bark extract it has  natural antioxidants that are unique of any other ingredient.  Pycnogenol has (40 years of clinical studies) electrifying effects on the circulatory system so wherever it is found, (in this case Cerebra Ultra) It allows the nootropics and b vitamins get to the right part of the brain to give you the best results possible.  There is no other product like Cerebra Ultra and no other brain supplement contains the coveted Pycnogenol.  This is a great reason to try Cerebra Ultra you will certainly love the results.

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