1. slow-moving or inactive.“a sluggish stream”synonyms:inactive, quiet,slow, slack, flat, depressed, stagnant“the economy is sluggish”
  • lacking energy or alertness.“Alex woke late feeling tired and sluggish”synonyms: lethargic, listless, lacking in energy, lifeless, inert, inactive, underactive, slow, torpid, languid, apathetic, weary, tired, fatigued, sleepy, drowsy, enervated;

I think one of the most obvious symptoms that get each day.  Some of us don’t know why it’s happening or how to avoid it even how to get rid of it.  Here are some answers for you 6 helpful ways to stop being sluggish.

Why it’s happening

1. B12 deficiency-   not eating enough foods rich in B12

2. Thyroid Imbalance- Weight gain, brain fog, lack of sex drive.

3. Hormones- When a woman is on her cycle, lack of sleep

4. Digestion- When you eat too fast or consume hard to digest foods such as take out or fast food.

5.  Lack of Exercise- When you stop going to the gym and maybe spending too much time in front of your laptop or your tv.

6. Your tummy needs a detox- A terrible diet sometimes thru the holidays you are in need of some colon cleansing tea that’s a fast and easy way to do it.

Ways to Avoid 

1. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator that’s a good source of natural energy.  Go to the gym if you have the gumption.

2. Eat a few more fruits and vegetables grapes are a great portable snack that tends to clean you out a bit.

3. Take a multivitamin on the week you have a cycle.

4.  you will find B12 in Fish, eggs and some dairy products.

5. A good detox is to drink a colon cleansing tea.

6. Take a brain supplement